Rainy DaysCultural Buzz Public Relations is a boutique consultancy specializing in strategic marketing and creatives, to help organizations reach businesses and consumers via the Internet and offline. We employ both consumer behavior and integrated marketing communications methodologies in our planning process, particularly in the area of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media deployments.  We do this by first understanding what your organization is about and where you envision your organization in the future.

Our processes involve leveraging Consumer behavior, ie understanding the psychographics of why people buy and why they choose one product or service over another. We employ in-culture marketing, which requires an understanding of the nuances of target market segmentation of subcultures.

Our specialties include general and multicultural markets, as well as many niche markets that include Technology, Beauty, New Media and Alternative Healing.

Our capabilities include:
•Marketing Strategy
•Consumer Behavior
•Search Engine Optimization
•Integrated Social Media
•Public and Media Relations
•Brand Building
•Consumer Outreach
•Content Development

For all of our clients, each program is a customized assessment based on their actual business, industry and market profiles. We do not work from ‘templates’ because we believe that each client is unique.

Cultural Buzz Public Relations provides strategic marketing implementations to organizations within the United States. We are based in Chicago with associates in Los Angeles and other parts of the country.